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We're a boutique brand strategy and design studio helping heart-driven businesses create state-of-the-art websites and brands.
Based in Costa Rica
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Let’s build a brand that inspires trust and stands out

Building a meaningful brand can be overwhelming, especially when faced with limited resources and a crowded market. As strategic design and branding experts with over 15 years of experience, we can help you navigate these challenges.

Let's work together to build a brand that truly inspires trust and makes your business stand out.

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Brands We’ve worked with

anima mundi - client logo
envision festival - client logo
fungi academy - client logo
punta mona - client logo
weaving remedies - client logo
omani - client logo
tam integration - client logo
lifeship  - client logo
ecology academy - client logo
eesti seenefarm - client logo
flow made - client logo
orquideas s y m - client logo

What Our clients say

Our company has a tricky story to tell and we needed to truly understand who our customer is and how to connect with them.

Silvan has gone above and beyond and shown his passion, commitment, and depth of creativity in getting to the heart of our message. Silvan has helped our team and myself understand a deeper level of what our brand and offering is.

He'll bring your brand alive, teach you about yourself and your company, and be a joy to work with.

Ben Haldeman
Founder & CEO LifeShip
, a San Francisco based space company

ben haldeman bio pic

I most value Silvan’s experience and professionalism in the field, he cares to go above and beyond, and gives step by step direction and guidance towards my goal & vision.

Silvan makes the process fun, exciting and inspiring. His expertise offered me tools to grow my business consciously, effectively and optimally.

Pablo Lucero
Founder of OMANI

Pablo Lucero is a transformational coach and retreat facilitator

pablo lucero bio pic

Silvan made my vision a reality.

I had a sense of what I wanted my brand to look like, and his skill brought it to life.

He was patient, collaborative, and professional. He just kept showing up with a positive attitude, enthusiastic and creative.

I’m looking forward to the day that I have another project we can work on together.

Daniel Shankin
Founder of Tam Integration

Tam Integration is a leader of psychedelic integration in the Bay Area, CA

tam integration client profile

Working with Silvan gave me a clear instructional guideline to intuitively discover what is really needed for my brand.

The details that unraveled I would have never thought of myself.

By conveying the true message and having a clearer relation to design and my clients profiles I'm able to target my audience more clearly and this brought a lot more business to my services.

Kev Scheepers
Founder of Flow Made

Flow Made helps executives and managers enter flow states for peak work performance

flow made client photo
porcelain statue of a crying man

Stop Struggling to Stand Out

  • Building a meaningful brand can be tough, and most companies get lost in the noise.
  • Are you having trouble creating a cohesive brand identity that effectively reaches your ideal audience?
  • Are you unsure how to differentiate yourself from your competitors in a meaningful way?
  • Is your brand not perceived as professional or trustworthy enough, preventing you from charging what you're actually worth?
  • Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape, social media and new technologies?
Let's build your dream brand together! Schedule a free strategy session with Silvan to get clear and inspired.

Offerings & Services

As a boutique brand strategy and design studio our mission is to help you create strong and meaningful connections with your audience. We offer a versatile and complete range of marketing, branding and design services.

Marketing &
Brand Strategy

Our strategy services are tailored to your unique goals and values. We'll work together to clarify your brand identity and target audience, optimize your offerings, and create winning strategies that set your business apart in a competitive market.
logos and tablets

Branding &

We understand that your brand is more than just a logo. We'll create a cohesive visual branding that reflects your unique values and resonates with your favorite clients. From full branding systems to  communication materials, we'll help to tell your meaningful story.
computer screen

Web Design &

Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence, and we'll make sure it's a true reflection of your business and values. We design and develop modern, user-friendly websites that tell your brand story and help you achieve your specific goals.
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Recent Work

- currently under construction - in depth documentation coming soon -
pablo lucero website mockup screenmyceliated client logo printed on glass door
client fungi academy business cardclient fungi academy website laptopclient fungi academy mobile site
client tam integration logoclient ecology academy logoflow made business cards

Meet Silvan Fey

Silvan is a serial entrepreneur, small business enthusiast and design specialist dedicated to supporting regenerative organizations that strive to be a force for good.

With over 15 years of experience in design and a passion for impeccable quality and integrity, Silvan delivers exceptional results and makes the process of working with him insightful and fun.

A global citizen born and raised in Germany, Silvan is fluent in three languages and has a diverse perspective after living in Central America for over 8 years.

As the co-founder of Fungi Academy (now exited) and an international educator in ecology and mycology, Silvan has a wealth of experience to draw from.

His mission is to help organizations cultivate symbiotic relationships and thrive in their missions to create positive change.
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